Oct 29

New Process

A Daily Tasks Spreadsheet has been created and a link placed on this site under the Tools menu. It is to be used on a daily basis. Each morning the hardworking memebers of the department should update with their tasks/projects for the day. Each task should be shown as “in progress”, “completed” etc., and who is working on. Also when completing a task/project send an email to Andre Thomas indicating same.

Oct 27

Condolences to Romero Gray

An integral member of our team, Romero Gray, lost his father recently. As a part of the BPO-Data Operations Family our condolences go out to him.

Oct 27

Commendation-Golda Bowen

Email from Hedi Spangler,Vice President, Media Division on October 22:

“I just got back from the Folio Show and spent some time with Vendome on Monday.  I met with Michelle Egan there and she told me how much she enjoys working with you and how the earned/deferred reports have been accurate and on time since you took over the process.  She said you communicate well with her, follow up quickly, and have provided accurate, consistent information. As I’m sure you’ve heard me say, Vendome is our biggest client in BPO, and it’s important that they see us as a professional partner that they can rely on.  We were losing some credibility with the earned/deferred errors, but since you’ve taken over the process, we are getting it back and your work has made a positive difference for us as a company. ”

Jun 19

New Client BreakBulk!

We are about to start data conversion for our new client Breakbulk to our Audience Development platform/services. Along with this new relationship we hope to partner with group Digarati to host Digital Editions for clients.

Two more features awaits to be added:

– Email blast notifications
– Upgrades to ISIRC

Jun 19

Technical Team Travel to Initiate Vendome Conversions

Three members from Data Operations department went to Cleveland to start a big project. Vendome, the largest client working with ADS Audience Development program under the Data Operations Department undergo Data conversions from one system to the new ISIRC system.

The guys challenge with the task to move the clients first branded data over to a new Audience development system without major hiccups was completed. The trip ended with some fun activities and meeting with Clients and Partners solidifying relationships. All thanks to VP of ADS “Heidi Spangler!” and the Executives.

The visit hopes to bring in more projects, clients and hopefully acquire new business and location.

May 22

Data Operations Mini Labour Day Project

All 6 members undertook a small project in respects to the Jamaican Labour Day Holiday! The entire department was cleaned and day ended with a jovial movie for rewards.

Apr 25

How to resist Sleep at Work?

What causes the need to sleep and how does it affect productivity?

  1. – ‘Niggaritis’
  2. – Stressful Relationships
  3. – Lethargic

Also, how often should one sleep in a day and at nights?

Express your views in the comment section:

Apr 25

Absence of Data Agent: Investigation in ‘Hiss Tooth’ Suspension

What do you think?

Apr 24

Data Entry Suggestions

Do you have any suggestions about your Data Entry experience?

Apr 24


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